Colorado: 8-acre Eby Creek Fire 50 percent contained

Multiple wildfires are burning across Colorado. Click to visit the Colorado Emergency Information website for information links to all the fires.

Water drops supporting ground crews

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — An immediate attack Thursday evening against the Eby Creek Fire, near Eagle, Colorado, yielded results, as fire crews have been able to limit the fire to eight acres.

Eagle County officials reported that the fire was 50 percent contained as of Friday morning, with a few small spot fires burning outside the immediate fire perimeter.

Pinpoint bucket drops on hotspots by Colorado Army National Guard helicopters helped ground crews take control of the fire early in the battle, preventing the flames from spreading to unmanageable size.

The helicopters are stationed at the National Guard High-Altitude Aviation Training Site in Eagle.

Fire crews are still patrolling Eby Creek Road, and an Eagle Fire engine crew is looking south of Eagle for signs of additional smoke and fire. A federal fire detection aircraft has been requested to assist with fire spotting.

The Town of Eagle is supplying a water tender and Eagle County Road & Bridge is assisting with dust abatement during helicopter operations.

The lightining caused fire was reported at about 6 p.m. Thursday (June 28). A pre-evacuation notice was sent to 75 homes in the area. All Eagle County residents are encouraged to subscribe to EC Alert at to have emergency notifications sent directly to a cell phone or email address.


One thought on “Colorado: 8-acre Eby Creek Fire 50 percent contained

  1. Please keep me informed of Eagle Fires. My daughter is very close to this area. Thank you fire fighters for great service

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