Colorado: Breckenridge cancels July 4 fireworks

Breckenridge cancels Fourth of July fireworks display.

Drought conditions and fire danger prompts caution

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Ongoing drought conditions in the Colorado high country have prompted the town of Breckenridge to cancel an evening fireworks display, though all other Independence Day activities are still a go.

The combination of beetle-killed trees and a very dry winter puts our community at risk for a wildfire,” said Breckenridge Mayor John Warner, adding that the town consulted with the local fire department before making the decision to cancel the show. If the dry spell ends and conditions improve, the town may decide to reinstate the fireworks.

Fire danger is widespread in the West, with large fires burning in New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Alaska and Washington. To date, wildfires have burned across about 1.05 million acres in the U.S. The average for this time of year is about 1.6 million acres.

Warner said Breckenridge police officers will also crack down on illegal fireworks use in the town. Gov. Hickenlooper this week enacted a statewide open fire and fireworks ban, hoping to reduce the chance of fires.

Frisco, which traditionally has offered the biggest and best fireworks display in the area, is still planning on holding its display. The Frisco fireworks are launched over water, with less of a chance that a stray rocket will ignite a fire.



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