Morning photo: A tale of two sunsets

Along the shore of Dillon Reservoir

The moon plays peek-a-boo.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Friday’s clouds parted just in time to catch the brilliant afterglow of a late spring sunset. These days it’s hard to tell exactly where the colors are going to show up. It seems that, in the winter, the colors are more concentrated to the sector of the sky near the point where the sun rises or sets. In the summer, it’s much more diffuse, and Friday evening was no exception, as the late evening light lit up the sky all around us as we hiked out to one of the points defining Heaton Bay.

Skyline view.
Looking across Dillon Reservoir toward Summit Cove, Keystone and the Continental Divide.
This is an iPhone/Instagram version of nearly the same scene as the previous image.
Saturday’s clouds hung in thick until twilight muting the colors to a much more modest mix of blue and slivers.
But the sun did catch the summits of Grays and Torreys just for minute.
Colors were even more brilliant in the afterglow to the west.



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