Morning photo: Terrible beauty

There’s a lot at stake …

Biologists have been trying to figure out why bee colonies are in decline, and the latest research is pointing directly to pesticides as the main cause. Click the pic to learn more.

SUMMIT COUNTY β€” I often use striking and beautiful images to illustrate environmental stories in the hope that the photo will catch readers eyes and get them to read the article, even if the news is not so good. So I’ve compiled a few of these photos in today’s photo essay, with each image linking back to the story referenced in the caption. Please share these photos and stories with your friends.

A bug in Keokuk Iowa illustrates a sobering story about how streetlights are having a dramatic impact on the composition of insect and other invertebrate communities. Click the pic for more.
Click on the pic to learn more about abandoned mine cleanups planned to reduce heavy metal pollution in the Snake River.
More signs of a changing climate are found in the acceleration of the water cycle, with more evaporation leading to more precipitation in some areas, drought in others and changing patterns of ocean salinity. Click for more …
This aerial shot, courtesy of, shows drill rigs creeping up to the base of the Roan Plateau, an area rich in wildlife. Click to read more about the latest lawsuit to protect the Roan.
Global warming. Sea level rise. Enough said. Click.
Desert dust blowing into the Colorado high country is affecting alpine tundra vegetation. Click …

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