Morning photo: Last snow? Probably not

May snow; what else is new?

Just a few days ago … now we’re worried about wildfires again.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Another few days of wild weather in the high country, with some late-season snow followed by a day of dust, smoke and wind. That’s what happens when the seasons change, and we are definitely heading for full-on summer. Local streams responded to the precipitation by swelling for a short time and helping Dillon Reservoir fill up just a little bit more. Close observers who watch certain logs and rocks will notice that their landmarks are being swallowed up by the water, at least for the next few weeks, and slowly but surely, the hillside are greening up. So will this be the last snow of the spring? It’s anybody’s guess, but we’ve often seen an errant storm roll through in early June …

Along North Tenmile Creek.
Here’s the Instagrammed version of the same shot. You can see why people like this app so much.
A late may dusting on Peak One.
Clearing spring storm.
Spring road.
Frozen rain and snow clings to spring grasses in Frisco.
Meadow Creek, in Frisco, right after a spring storm.
Sniffing the morning air.



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