Morning photo: Beaches

Gotta keep ’em clean!

Cape San Blas, Florida.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I spent much of Sunday reading and re-reading a very discouraging study on toxic oil pollution along Gulf Coast beaches. Despite all the chamber of commerce and government propaganda on how well everything has been cleaned up, it turns out that there are alarmingly high levels of carcinogenic oil-related PAHs still accumulating in the shallows all along the northern Gulf Coast, including beaches where our family waded and swam last spring and summer. You can read the story here. Just another reason to try and end our addiction to oil as soon as possible …

Looking south along the beach on Cape San Blas.
Beaches should be safe zones, where kids (and grownups) can play without fear.
The doggie beach in Venice, Florida.
Summer beach dream.
Manasota Key, Florida.
Beach combing.
Beach bird.
Heron on beach patrol.
Beach crab.
The beach is life.
End of the day.





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