Morning photo: Ice tracker

Dillon delights

With this year's ice about to melt, it's time to track it through the season.

Summit County — In lieu of snow (OK, there was a little bit …) it was a great season to watch the ice come and go on Dillon Reservoir. I’ve combed the archives to show the ice through the seasons.

Before the reservoir freezes, on average in the third week in December, there are some spectacular days when the mists roll across the water and you can see the cold air literally suck the heat out of the water.
Frozen bits of the reservoir captured in a field of mud as the waters receded.
Freezing at the edge.
Mid-December ice at the Frisco end of the reservoir.
And from the opposite end of the reservoir, near Dillon ...
Black ice, with frost flowers.
Full moon reflections in December ice.
In 15 years, I've only seen this frazil ice form once on Dillon Reservoir.
Ice melt, May, 2011.
The melt-out.
Dillon shoreline, between ice and land ...



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