Colorado: New evacuations possible at Lower North Fork Fire

Red flag fire weather warning in effect Saturday afternoon

Road access information for March 31.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — With a red flag fire weather warning set to take effect at 12 p.m. officials in Jefferson County have issued a pre-evacuation notice to 500 homes near some of the active parts of the Lower North Fork Fire.

The fire is still creeping along the ground with smoldering hot spots in areas of heavier fuel, and forecast high winds, warm temps and very low humidity could cause the fire to flare up in some places. Follow the Jefferson County sheriff on Twitter for real-time information.!/jeffcosheriffco/status/186072508657700864

Information from official and non-official sources is also streaming on Twitter at the #LowerNorthForkFire hashtag.

According to updates on the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office emergency blog, residents around the fire perimeter should take the responsible steps to be prepared to leave the area if necessary.

“The Incident Management Team will remain in close contact with the National Weather Service (NWS) and will be notified immediately should the weather forecast change. We will continue to use every avenue available to us to disperse any information that is pertinent to your safety.”


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