Colorado: Two dead in I-70 accident near Frisco

Some reports suggest a second vehicle may have been involved, leading to possible hit-and-run investigation

Two people died in a March 26 roll-over accident near Frisco. Colorado.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — An accident on I-70 just west of milemarker 201, near Frisco, Colorado, took two lives Monday, as an eastbound Chevy Blazer swerved off the road, into the median and across the westbound lanes, coming to a stop about 30 yards off the highway.

According to the Summit County Coroner, driver Renee Nevares had her seatbelt on but died due to the severity of the crash, as did 65-year-old Delores Ortega-Nevares.

Three other passengers survived the crash, including a 17-month-old child. One surviving passenger was medically released, while the others were transported to Denver.

The accident closed the westbound lanes for several hours as law enforcement officials investigated the accident as a possible hit and run. There are witness reports that a red sedan in the right lane may have contributed to the accident.


3 thoughts on “Colorado: Two dead in I-70 accident near Frisco

  1. I went to bed last night thinking about all of the tragic accidents that I have witnessed or heard reports of during the past decade. Of course, I thought of the recent pedestrian death at Keystone. I also thought of a woman killed in a roll-over at Green Mountain Reservoir who passed me several years ago while I was strolling near the county line. I worried over the bicycles that I have seen struggling over scattered rocks and bottles on Swan Mountain Road. I worried about my own bicycle commutes to Frisco on the I-70 shoulder because the Ten Mile Recreation Path has gone unplowed again this spring, despite the lack of deep snowpack. All day long, I drove throughout Summit County, detouring over Swan Mountain. I have thought that perhaps we all need to travel Code 18, like Chains Required, for a few days at 35 miles an hour. Maybe, that would make our roads safe for travelers on bicycles and in automobiles, like when the snow is so deep on the highways that people drive slowly and arrive safely at their destinations.

  2. We came upon this dreadful event at 11:00 am In the east bound lane. My heart weighs heavy for this family. Super tragic. My prayers are with the survivors and hoping everyone remaining, pulls through his dreadful experience.

  3. I was watching the news when I heard about this accident. I knew Renee Nevares as i was her tech for Family Medicaid. I had spoken to this client numerous times and she was an amazing, funny good hearted lady. My condolences go out to her children and family for all they have to go through in these hards times.

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