Colorado: ‘Trophy hunter’ sought for questioning


Wildlife officers say mule deer carcass was left to rot in a dump near Granby with its head cut off

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — State wildlife officials are asking the public for help in tracking down a trophy hunter who left a headless mule deer carcass in a dump site along the Colorado River, a few miles west of Granby.

The carcass was discovered March 20, but based on evidence at the scene, wildlife officers believe the deer was harvested legally during last year’s hunting season, but never skinned and prepared for human consumption as required by law. The condition of the carcass suggests it was dumped only days before it was discovered.

Leaving the meat to waste is illegal in Colorado.

“This was a waste of Colorado’s wildlife resource, and we take it seriously,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife district wildlife manager Scott Murdoch. “It appears that the person who did this hung the animal after it was killed months ago, but never got around to actually preparing it for consumption.”

Wasting game meat is a serious offense and can lead to fines, felony charges and suspension of hunting privileges in Colorado and other Wildlife Violator Compact states.

Officers believe the suspect may be planning to have the head and antlers mounted, and ask anyone with information to contact authorities immediately.

“We rely on the public’s help to identify people involved in any illegal activity, and we value their cooperation,” said Murdoch. “We would like to talk to the person who did this and find out what happened.”

To provide anonymous information, the public is urged to call Operation Game Thief at 1-877-COLO-OGT (877-265-6648). Verizon cell phone users can call #648 (#OGT). Rewards may be offered to anyone with information that leads to a conviction.

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