Morning photo: Goin’ green!

No green beer, though …

A couple of fawns enjoy the lush green grass on the Pöstlingberg, in Urfahr, Austria.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A few green-themed photos in honor of St. Patrick’s Day in today’s photo post — and please don’t call it St. Patty’s Day. Patty is a girl’s name, and has absolutely nothing to do with St. Patrick. If anything, St. Paddy’s day might be borderline acceptable. In any case, green is quite the color, perhaps not as eye-catching as red, or royal as purple, or soothing as blue, but it certainly stands as a color of worth, especially in scenes of nature.

A mossy green forest floor near Loveland Pass, with a couple of pink fungi -- for accent.
Pure fun on a green roller coaster at Heritage Square.
The emerald green of Chihuahua Lake, Summit County, Colorado.
A bronzed green dragon on the Dragon Bridge in Ljubjlana, Slovenia.
Bob Berwyn taking in some green fields on Texel, Holland. PHOTO COURTESY LEIGH WADDEN.
Casting for brookies in a beaver pond in the lush green headwaters of the Snake River.
Green shutters contrast against an old gray wall in southern France.
Leigh Wadden enjoys the green waters of glacial Lago Roca, in Tierra del Fuego National Park.
A green garden.

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