Morning photo: The winter that wasn’t?

Aw, c’mon, it wasn’t THAT bad …

October 6, Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Lots of grumbling from tourists and old-timers alike on this winter, or the lack thereof, but was it really as bad as all that? You’ve seen all the stats on snowfall and temperature, now have a look at some of the photos showing that, yes, there was a winter in Summit County, with snow, cold, fog, ice … and it’s not over yet. My money is on a snowy and cold late March and early April.

And just as food for thought, I’d like to throw out there that a cycle of big wet winters (like last year), followed by a relatively short and mild winter (like this year so far), is probably beneficial to some plants and perhaps even animals in ways that we don’t even begin to understand. We just have to let go of the idea that we humans are at the center of the universe. All these pictures were taken before winter even formally began on the calendar.

Lodgepole pine cone, Oct. 7, 2011.
Pass Lake, Oct. 8, 2011.
Oct. 9 - the hunter's moon rises over Dillon Reservoir and the snow-capped Continental Divide.
Oct. 16, Frisco, Colorado.
Oct. 27, Frisco, Colorado.
Oct. 26, Dillon Reservoir. It was cold!
Nov. 24, Snake River, Keystone.
Nov. 24, Dillon Reservoir.
Sunset. Nov. 27.

2 thoughts on “Morning photo: The winter that wasn’t?

  1. As usual Bob, the pics are eye candy, though, a very big though, is that camera of yours able to shoot the future? # 2 & # 3 have a 2012 date? I know, it’s a typo, or perhaps to see if anyone is alert this morning! This is what makes this blog so good, a little levity now and then, makes for a positive breakfast appetite. Stir fry time.

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