Morning photo: Best of February

The last of winter?

February started with a pretty cool moonrise over the Continental Divide.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A quick look back at some of the most memorable images of the shortest month of the year. Although there was bit of snow during the month, there were only a few days when it really felt like winter.

This was one of the days that felt wintry, with fresh snow and a cold mist hanging over Dillon Reservoir, seen here from the road to the Lilypad Lake Trail.

This was on the same morning as the previous image, as the mist froze into sparkling frost on the grasses in the Meadow Creek wetlands.
This was one of the most spectacular sunsets of the month, as the sky above Grays, Torreys and Grizzly Peak turned purplish-pink.
A February storm clears over Summit County.
Winter wave cloud.
This doesn't really fit with the rest of the images, but I made my first-ever jambalaya in February, and it was darn good.
Also experimented with French toast stuffed with cream cheese; that also came out pretty well.
A classic mid-winter shot taken from near the top of Pali.
Ringo roams at Officers Gulch Pond, with a light snow falling.
February icicles.

3 thoughts on “Morning photo: Best of February

  1. Nice shots Bob, the moon rise, the sun set, the Winter waves, and now I’ll go start my morning stir fry with strawberry shortcake for dessert. Of course, I’ll have to take an extra 10 laps up & down the stairs afterward, but I can always say it’s “Bobs” fault for posting those pics of his culinary expertise, so early in the morning.

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