Colorado: Skier death at Copper Mountain

Looking down from near the top of Copper's Super Bee chair, where Andy's Encore sweeps under the chair. PHOTO BY MARK WARNER, COLORADO SKI AUTHORITY. Click on the image to visit Colorado Ski Authority online.

Helmeted skier hits shed, fractures skull

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — An 18-year-old from Wisconsin died Thursday (March 7) at Copper Mountain after crashing into a valve shed used for snowmaking on Andy’s Encore, an intermediate run at the Summit County resort.

According to the Summit County Coroner’s office, Patrick Sievert, of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, veered off the trail for an unknown reason Wednesday morning and hit the shed and fractured his skull. According to the coroner, Sievert was wearing a helmet.

The accident occurred at about 9:20 a.m. Copper Ski Patrol responded to the accident,  started life-saving procedures and transported Sievert to the Copper Medical Center, where further life saving measures were continued unsuccessfully.  Sievert was a high school senior and arrived in Colorado 4 days ago.


4 thoughts on “Colorado: Skier death at Copper Mountain

  1. May God be with Patrick’s family through the rain and the storm.

    Josiah Lewis- A friend and classmate of Patrick’s

  2. It happened this morning (Thursday), not Wednesday.

    Nate- Patrick’s cousin
    We’re all gonna miss him a lot!

  3. Lime green or blaze orange hi-visibility covers/markers might decrease the incidence of such accidents. Having skiied most CO resorts, I can attest to the fact that yellow isn’t the most easy color to see, especially on a low-light day.

    My sympathy to the family of Patrick. Although his death was untimely, may you find comfort in knowing that he left this world doing something he truly enjoyed.

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