Morning photo: Snow, ice and frost

Old man winter hangs on …

A blue-tinged twilight in the depth of winter.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — So it’s late, and I’m tired but I still want to post a few pics from the archives and decided to scroll through the last few months to find some as-yet unpublished shots from this strange winter, when ice, rather than snow, dominated the scenery for several months. From a photography standpoint, it was a real treat. I saw some ice and crystal formations that usually don’t exist, or at least not for long, during a normal winter, whatever that is. And everytime it does snow, I appreciate it all the more.

Ice feathers growing along the Snake River.
Rose leaves.
Sunset in the mudflats of Dillon Reservoir.
I couldn't decide if I liked the mud foreground in the previous shot, so I cropped it out with the zoon in this version.
Morning mists.
By the dumpster.
Snowy boulder.Ice in progress ...

4 thoughts on “Morning photo: Snow, ice and frost

  1. Goodness Bob, how delightful these pics are this morning. The third one of the rose leaves, a stand alone in a well lit long hallway, the last of the snowy boulder, comes across as if it was painted. Thank You.

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