Morning photo: Wilderness

A new push in the U.S. Senate may help add more Colorado wilderness

Gore Range views in the Eagles Nest Wilderness.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Sen. Mark Udall visited Frisco this weekend to advance a new plan for wilderness additions in Colorado, including many of the parcels that have long been part of the controversial hidden gems proposal. For me, looking at pictures like this is more than enough reason to advocate for as much wilderness preservation as possible. I know there are people who like to quibble over technicalities and semantics of wilderness designations, all while environmental degradation continues around us. I’m not OK with that. I say protect as much as we can, now. Later, if for some reason we decide we don’t want it to be wilderness, we can always change our minds, but once the land is committed to other uses, it’s almost impossible to get it back.

Gore Range Dawn, late summer.
High Country fishing. PHOTO BY LEIGH WADDEN.
A Gore Range panorama.
Around Uneva Peak.
Wilderness wildflowers.
Backcountry gold.
Wheeler Lake camp.
Free-flowing streams in the Colorado high country.
Wildflowers in the Gore Range.
High in the Snake River Basin. PHOTO BY DYLAN BERWYN.

One thought on “Morning photo: Wilderness

  1. “After looking at pictures like these”. Goodness Bob, that’s quite an endorsement, richly deserved. The very reason I look forward tp this every morning, to start my day. Is life great, or what?

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