Morning photo: Slovenia

Exploring a corner of the Balkans

Looking straight down to where the Reka River pours out of the Slovenian karst plateau after coursing through the Škocjan Caves, a little-known world heritage site in the upper Balkan Peninsula. Click on the photo for more information about the caves.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Slovenia may not be the biggest country in Europe, but it has a lot to offer, from alpine vistas and world heritage caves, to a tiny sliver of Adriatic coastline that is a melting pot of Venetian and Balkan culture — all within a few hours of major European capitals.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food aboard an express train running between Vienna and Ljubljana.
Looking over the rooftops of Ljubljana from the castle.
The Dragon Bridge, crossing the Ljubljanica River in the heart of town, was one of the earliest single-span concrete bridges in Europe, completed in 1901.
Tending a neighborhood garden in Divača, Slovenia.
Piran sits on a tiny spit of land, just a two-hour ferry ride from Trieste, Italy. It's a little-known Adriatic gem well-worth a visit.
Enjoying an Adriatic sunset from the Hotel Piran.
The boardwalk of Piran at sunset.
Instead of a beach, tourists in Piran enjoy the seaside from a concrete seawall.
A couple of young slovenians wet a line in the Adriatic. PHOTO BY LEIGH WADDEN.
A little piggyback swim.
Piran sunset.

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