Morning photo: Sand!

It’s not just for beaches …

@bberwyn and @CoTravGirl camping in the backcountry of Great Sand Dunes National Park in south-central Colorado's San Luis Valley.

SUMMIT COUNTY — When I first saw the topic for this week’s #FriFotos Twitter chat, I was a bit flummoxed, but quickly realized there’s all sorts of potential to put together a fun and entertaining photo essay featuring one of the Earth’s most ubiquitous substances. Join in the fun all day long by sharing your favorite sand pics and enjoying what others have to offer. Just at the #FriFotos hashtag and post them with one of the many Twitter photo apps, and have fun!

Dawn light on the ripples of Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

Sand: Nothing like leaving a few footprints on a deserted beach.
The sand dunes and vast sand and mud flats of the Waddenzee are protected as a world heritage area, where Leigh Wadden enjoys a stroll on the island of Texel.
As global warming drives rising sea levels and more intense storms, some communities are looking to augment their beaches with "imported" sand. like here on Manasota Key in Englewood, Florida.
The sandstone plateaus and canyons of the American Southwest are testament to the fact that nothing is permanent. What was once a vast sea is now a stunning landscape of sand turned to stone, like here in Colorado National Monument.
Look closely and you'll see that this is a cowrie shell burrowing into wet sand in a small tidal lagoon, Far from being barren, sand offers habitat to wide variety of critters, from scorpions and crabs, to mollusks and shorebirds.
This bird is at home in the fine white sands of the Florida Gulf Coast.
Another animal that uses underwater sand as habitat - the stingray.
This bird seems to be checking out the sandcastle on the shore.
My dad used seashells to create this Christmas card on a sandy beach in Florida a few years ago.
Entranced by the sand and sea ...
Dawn in the dunes.

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