Morning photo: Sunset, moonrise …

Getting in the mood for winter

OK, so this is actually a sunrise picture, which doesn't fit in with the post headline, but I love the lighting in this wintry shot and am hoping to see more of this in the next few days.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Going back through the archives from the last couple of weeks made me realize that we have had some winter weather — it’s just been quite a bit more sporadic than last year. The weather folks are all talking about a big change in the pattern this weekend and into next week, with a chance for some storms to pass through the area on a regular basis, but we’ve heard that often — too often this year to get excited about it at this early stage. Meanwhile, the quality of the light is definitely shifting a bit as we move out of solstice shadows and inexorably toward spring.

A winter evening in Frisco, Colorado.
One of the most intense sunsets in the past few days bathed the land and sky with an almost surreal pinkish glow.
Tuesday's sunset unfolded with a mellow start, viewed from the Taco Bell parking lot in Frisco.
Just a tinge of alpenglow up in the Snake River headwaters country.
Guyot and Baldy.
Again, in deepening twilight.
Night lights at Keystone, visible from the I-70 overlook.
Full moonrise in Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Morning photo: Sunset, moonrise …

  1. “A Winter evening in Frisco, Colorado”, to me, it speaks volumes, of what it is to be alive, with the church in the foreground, what else can I say!

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