Morning photo: Editor’s choice

Technicolor …

Late summer sunset over Dillon Reservoir, one of my favorite cloudscapes of the year.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A virtual stroll through the Summit Voice archives yielded these scenes, some old and some new. No particular theme, just some striking images that sort of jumped off the monitor as I scrolled through the menu.

I know it's a little late for Christmas, but I couldn't resist this post-processed version of a decorated tree in downtown Frisco, Colorado, taken in late January after a snowstorm.
Can you guess what this is?
Cradled ...
... in snow.
Stellars Jay at Sapphire Point.
Deep blue dawn in the Gore Range.
Snow-flecked ground in the backyard.

4 thoughts on “Morning photo: Editor’s choice

  1. Because I received this post twice, I’ll guess that the pic is one taken of “tube worms” over some hot vent in the middle of the Ocean somewhere.

  2. damn…i was sure that image was an electron microscope picture of Herman Cain’s hairline…the green stuff? who knows?

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