Morning photo: Painting with light

Patience …

Waiting ... and catching a hint of sunshine deep in the shadowy Snake River Canyon near Keystone, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — If the light isn’t good, even perfect scenery and the best camera won’t help take a good picture, and, conversely, if the light is sublime, than even a common backyard scene can become magical.

Layers of thin clouds add depth and texture to this full moon image.
In this case, the fireworks did all the work. All I had to do was point my camera in the right direction.
The right place at the right time, as the bruised sky above the Grand Canyon opens just enough to cas some direct sunlight on the scene.
This otherwordly scene is within shouting distance of Frisco's commercial strip.
Wetlands reflect the sky in this Frisco, Colorado scene.
The same scene, just a few minutes later.
A simple, semi-abstract landscape taken right off the Summit Voice weather deck.
I had to check twice, but there was no post-processing of this image, just a short moment of magical morning light near the Frisco Wal-Mart.

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