Morning photo: Alpenglow

Magic mountain light

Morning alpenglow on the Gore Range, photographed from the Tenderfoot Trail near Dillon.

SUMMIT COUNTY —Alpenglow is one of those visual feasts best best observed in the mountains, thanks to the vertical topography. While the term is sometimes applied loosely to any sunset or sunrise light on the mountains, true alpenglow refers to a special moment when particles in the air scatter the sun’s light while the sun is still below the horizon — essentially highlighting the red-orange part of the spectrum. For more, read this discussion at

Nascent alpenglow along the highest peaks of the Gore Range.
Crepuscular light on Buffalo Mountain — but is it alpenglow?
Morning alpenglow on the Tenmile Range.
Loveland Pass alpenglow.
The sun was down behind the western horizon when this shot was taken, but the colors don't always turn vivid pink or orange. Sometimes the glow is more subtle.
And sometimes it's intensely orange ...
Tender evening alpenglow on Guyot and Baldy.
Faint alpenglow on the Tenmile Range.
Alpenglow up close and personal in Tenmile Canyon.
A drive-by shot in Tenmile Canyon.
No, it's NOT the Dolomites.
Continental Divide, Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Morning photo: Alpenglow

  1. if one were to, after six straight days of work, wake up on the 7th day…off…and eschew one’s normal coffee for, say, an early morning bloody mary, could it be said that, one might hasve an alpenglow-on? not that i…..

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