Morning photo: November revisited

Not so gray …

November sunrise.

SUMMIT COUNTY ā€” November can be an awkward month. The fall color season is over and usually, the big snows haven’t started piling up yet, so for a photographer, it’s kind of in-between. But I’ve learned over the past few years that, for some reason, November sunrises are the best of the year. I think it has something to do with large-scale shifts in the upper atmosphere, resulting the formation of spectacular layer lenticular clouds over the Continental Divide. Looking back through the November archive, I was surprised at how many high quality, pleasing images I found.

A feeble November sun sets behind the Tenmile Range, reflecting on the newly frozen ice on Dillon Reservoir.
Frost crystals grow at the edge of an ice slab.
An ice pillow in the Snake River, near Keystone.
Another amazing November sunrise.
Ahh, there's that classic gray November day.
It was also the month that I perfected a made-from-scratch hashbrowns recipe.
More frost crystals propogating in the extreme temperature regime of November.
Baked pie more than a few times in November, don't know why, it just felt right!
And yes, the start of the Summit County ski season.

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