Morning photo: Skylines

Where land and sea meet the sky …

Gentle autumn sunset light on the Book Cliffs, near Grand Junction, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Saturday is one of my favorite days to put together a photo essay after being inspired by the weekly online #FriFotos Twitter chat. This week, the theme was skylines, which as always covered a wide range of interpretations. City scenes were among the favorites, especially Hong Kong, New York and London. But since I don’t spend much time in cities, I focused mainly on natural skylines.

Peak One in a skyline silhouette.
A sunrise skyline over the Beagle Channel, near Ushuaia, Argentina.
This skyline serves as the backdrop for my home in Frisco, Colorado.
A moonlit skyline scene over Apalachicola Bay, Florida.
Summer skyline in Summit County, with lots of sky!
Peak One skyline lights up with the very last rays of the spring sun.
A sultry subtropical Florida skyline.
Gore Range skyline.

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