Morning photo: Water!

Keep it clean …

Peru Creek, Keystone Colorado
A partially frozen wetlands pond along lower Peru Creek, near Keystone, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Earth, air, fire and water are the four classic basic elements — the way people divided and explained the things they saw around them before we started to break everything down into molecules, atoms, and, finally, subatomic parcticles like quarks.

What got me to post this photo essay was the news that Congress is at it once again, with a Republican-led House Committee taking aim at EPA regulations intended to protect your water, and my water, from the excesses of industry. Read the story here.

Since the daily photo essay is a kind of an informal setting, I can say this in an informal way: Hands off, Congress — don’t mess with our water. Given the widespread presence of pesticides and other pollutants in surface and groundwater in almost every part of the country, you’d think that Congress would be seeking more protection, but that would be only if we assume that our elected officials are actually working on our behalf.

Sometimes, for sure, they are, but in this case, it’s a clear case of chemical industry lobbying run amok. Call your congressman and tell him or her NOT to weaken the Clean Water Act.

Meadow Creek, in Frisco, Colorado.
Peru Creek, Summit County, Colorado.
Peru Creek, Summit County, Colorado.
Sunset reflected in the water of Clinton Gulch Reservoir.
Water as a mirror ...
Making waves. Amazing that a mammal can be so at home in the water.
Land inundated by water. There's a reason they're called wetlands.
Blue. The Adriatic in Slovenia.
Green. In Lago Roca, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.
Water is for fun.
Water droplets on a tent during a rainy camping trip to Wheeler Lakes.



2 thoughts on “Morning photo: Water!

  1. Having already commented on an earlier post this morning concerning just this subject, if the congress continues trying to sell out the environment, then these photos may be all that we will have left to remind us of what we had.

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