Morning photo: Autumn in the Breckenridge woods

Subtle beauty

Ice forms fantastic shapes on the creek.

Story and photographs by Jenney Coberly

BRECKENRIDGE — The woods have an abundance of eye-catching shapes and colors any time of year. But in mid-autumn in the high country, after the brilliant leaves have fallen but the snow is still only inches deep, the beauty is subtle and requires more careful observation.

The wetlands along Barton Road are freezing over.

Fallen logs and branches with their sketchy load of snow make for interesting shapes and contours.

This log looked like a wood troll reclining in the snow.
Dead branches frame a smattering of snow.
Ice clinging to branches of a log across the creek.

This past week I’ve been particularly captivated by the beauty of the ice forming on the streams.

The reflections off the icy stream are a phantasmagoria of shapes and colors.
Moss still grows along the ice-lined streamside.
The ice is slowly enclosing the rushing water.

Without spectacular wildflowers or stunning foliage to grab my attention, I found photo ops in formations I had overlooked during the summer and early fall.

A burned stump glows in the low-angled sunlight.

One thought on “Morning photo: Autumn in the Breckenridge woods

  1. Goodness Ms Jenny, you do have the eye here. I have to say this about the last pic, I haven’t seen a face in a photo of a tree since back in the last century when I took photos of trees with a Polaroid bellows camera using black & white film. I had thought the event was lost. Your photos have given this old man a bright spot in the memory banks today. Thank you & thank you too Bob, for providing the means of sharing these.

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