Irwin, Jova both a potential threat to Mexican coast

Two hurricanes brewing in the eastern Pacific

Tropical storms Irwin and Jova are both visible in the lower right corner of this GOES satellite image. Both storms could reach hurricane strength before they head for the coast of Mexico early next week. Click on the image to see the animated loop.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Two tropical storms will start pinwheeling around each other in the eastern Pacific and gain strength, and the National Hurricane Center says both Jova and Irwin could pose a threat to the coast of Mexico next week.

Tropical Storm Jova, currently with winds of 40 mph, is closest to the coast, and is expected strengthen during the next couple of days as it passes above warm ocean water and through a moist mid-level atmosphere with very little wind shear. Although still well offshore, Jova is expected to turn northeastward toward, potentially making landfall next Tuesday somewhere between Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán. The latest forecast discussion is online here.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting the Jova could become a Category 2 hurricane by Monday, with 100 mph winds. The current forecast discussion suggests that the storm could weaken again before reaching the coast, with tropical-storm-force winds remaining offshore.

Tropical Storm Irwin quickly strengthened Thursday, developing 60 mph winds and may become the dominant storm. Irwin is forecast to reach hurricane strength by early in the weekend, when the storm will also turn northeastward and then east, toward the coast of Mexico. Read the latest forecast discussion here.

Tropical Storm Jova will curve north and east toward the coast of Mexico.
Tropical Storm Irwin could become a strong hurricane in the next five days.

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