Morning photo: Tenmile twilight

Changing seasons …

Evening light paints the Ten Mile Range at Officers Gulch.

SUMMIT COUNTY — The showy display of aspen trees around Summit County is the most obvious sign of the changing seasons, but there are more subtle signs, as well. I drink my first cup of coffee and start fixing breakfast before the sun comes up, and even though daytime temperatures have been above normal, morning are marked by gentle touches of frost at ground level. It’s fun to fully savor the gradual changes and well worth getting out for a morning walk if you get the chance. I don’t have a choice because our two dogs anxiously await their morning excursion each day. All the images you see here are available as prints and you can also check out our online galleries at RedBubble and Imagekind.

Along Highway 9, south of Frisco.
A touch of frost on juniper branches in Frisco, Colorado.
Light, dark and reflections in Tenmile Canyon.
Tought to balance this lighting!
Autumn wetlands along Meadow Creek in Frisco.
Bufallo Mountain.
Juniper berries with frost.



5 thoughts on “Morning photo: Tenmile twilight

  1. Bob, By posting such gorgeous Summit County pictures, you make a lot of people want to visit this wonderful part of the US.

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