Breckenridge wins kudos for bike-friendly policies

Cycling organization upgrades town’s status from Silver to Gold

Breckenridge, Colorado.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Making Breckenridge bike friendly has been a big priority for the Colorado resort town, and this week, the hard work paid off as the League of American Bicyclists upgraded the town’s bike-friendly status from Silver to Gold.

“The League congratulates Breckenridge and all of our BFC winners for implementing successful, long-term bicycle plans and programs that provide quality of life improvements for their citizens,” said League president Andy Clarke. “Even in tough economic times it is clear that cities are choosing investment in bicycling as a key to building the places people want to live, work and visit.”

The BFC award recognizes Breckenridge’s commitment to improving conditions for bicycling through investment in bicycling promotion, education programs, infrastructure and pro-bicycling policies. The BFC judges were particularly impressed with Breckenridge’s actions since last year’s Silver level award.  Some of improvements include:

  • Striped bike lanes on Main St. Watson St. and Park Avenue.
  • Shared lane Markings on Wellington Road, Ski Hill Road and French Street.
  • Increased Educational efforts and comprehensive website
  • Updated cycling map
  • Increased bike parking, including on-street bike parking.
  • Adoption of a complete streets policy.
  • Additional bike signage and wayfinding
  • Adoption of Rolling Stop Law.

“We are proud of the roadmap that the Bicycle Friendly Community program provides and how Breckenridge is using it to build a Gold BFC,” said Bill Nesper, director of the League’s Bicycle Friendly America program. “We are inspired by the tireless efforts of individuals and groups, from everyday cyclists to city leaders to build great communities for bicycling.”

The BFC program is revolutionizing the communities evaluate their quality of life, sustainability and transportation networks, while allowing them to benchmark their progress and work toward improving their bicycle-friendliness. The application to become a BFC is rigorous and an educational tool in itself; currently there are 190 of the 490 total applicants have a BFC four-year designation. The renewal process and four levels of the award – platinum, gold, silver and bronze – provide a clear incentive for communities to continuously improve.

To apply or learn more about the free BFB program, visit the League online at

About the Bicycle Friendly America Program

The Bicycle Friendly Community, Bicycle Friendly State, Bicycle Friendly Business and Bicycle Friendly University programs are generously supported by program partners Bikes Belong and Trek Bicycle’s One World, Two Wheels Campaign. To learn more about building a Bicycle Friendly America, visit


One thought on “Breckenridge wins kudos for bike-friendly policies

  1. Proves what can be done when the will is there. Another feather in the cap, so to speak for Colorado ant its forward thinking citizens. Congratulations to Breckenridge.

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