Travel: Seaside Albania

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South of Saranda, a seaport on the central Albanian coast, is Ksamil, a tiny seaside hamlet aspiring to become a destination beach resort. It has the beaches for it, but I'm glad I saw it while it was still a sleepy village.

SUMMIT COUNTY β€” Sorting pictures can be tedious, but pays off when you find some forgotten unpublished gems like this collection of images from Albania, a country that is rapidly emerging from a third-world slumber in a remote corner of Europe. Read about a leaky bus ride in Albania, more on the mountains and coast of the region and the country’s world heritage sites.

After riding a city bus south about 15 miles from Saranda, I scoured the shoreline until I found the Restaurant Rilanda, where I rented a kayak to explore the islands in the bay.
The beaches were deserted. I had the entire Bay of Ksamil to myself.
Looks tropical, but it's the Ionian Sea.
Exploring the islands.
Crystal clear water in this remote part of Europe.
Ksamil Albania
Waves collide across a narrow spit of sand between two islands in Ksamil Bay.
Looking back toward the mainland in Ksamil Bay.
After the paddle across the bay, I was hungry. These gentlemen were eating fresh fish at the place I rented the kayak, so I ordered the same.
It was good! Roasted peppers on the side, fresh bell peppers and tomatoes and grilled bread.
The nearby city of Saranda, the hub of the region.
Southern Albania is heaven for olive lovers.

9 thoughts on “Travel: Seaside Albania

  1. By the way, ’emerging from a third world slumber’ is a bit far-fetched I think. It is still developing ,yes. Thanks for your post.

  2. “Crystal clear water in this remote part of Europe.”
    North of Greece, on the other side of the Adriatic sea from Italy, I am not so sure that really qualifies as remote! πŸ™‚ The Butrint National Park is right there, perhaps attesting to the very beginnings of Europe!
    Although, in a way, i understand what you mean!

  3. Hi Bob,

    It is truly a beautiful place. I hope you enjoyed your time there.

    By the way, can I reprint some of these photos in Illyria, the newspaper of the Albanian-American community? With the mention of your blog of course.

    Please let me know,


  4. Fantastic photos. You really have captured the beauty of this special part of the world that we call home. We hope it inspire others to visit – but not too many as you have highlighted it’s remarkable (and rare in Europe) to have a beach, historical site, or museum town to yourself.

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