Tourism: ‘A force for a more tolerant, open and united world’

Dylan Berwyn and his newfound Jamaican friend, Andrew, a lifeguard who took Dylan for a night snorkeling excursion, an experience that he'll cherish for his lifetime.

World Tourism Organization holding a Twitter and photo contest to help celebrate this year’s World Tourism Day 

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Global tourism, Twitter and social consciousness are all coming together in a campaign by the World Tourism Organization aimed at promoting World Tourism Day on Sept. 27. This year’s theme is focused international cultural links, and if you think you have the short-form Twitter chops to tell how tourism links cultures, you can participate in a Twitter contest.

To enter, simply compose a Twitter message (maximum of 140 characters) and post it to the micro-blogging service with the #WTD2011 hashtag. World Tourism Organization officials will judge the contests, and the messages from the winning tweets will appear on the official World Tourism Day website and promotional materials for the official celebrations in Aswan, Egypt.

The deadline for tweets is Aug. 31 and tweets can be submitted in English, Spanish, French, Russian or Arabic.

Travel and tourism can lead to long-lasting friendships that transcend national and political boundaries and are thus seen as a potentially powerful force for building international understanding and mutual respect.

There is no better way to learn about a new culture than to experience it first-hand,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. “Tourism offers a wonderful connecting thread between visitor and host community. It promotes dialogue and interaction. Such contact between people of different backgrounds is the very foundation for tolerance. In a world struggling for peaceful coexistence, tourism can build bridges and contribute to peace,” Ki-moon said.

“Tourism’s contributions to development also advance the cause of global solidarity. At a time of profound global economic uncertainty, tourism’s ability to generate socio-economic opportunities and help reduce the gap between rich and poor, is more important than ever … World Tourism Day is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of tourism to global well-being. As we travel, let us engage with other cultures and celebrate human diversity. On this observance, let us recognize tourism as a force for a more tolerant, open and united world,” he concluded in his message of support for World Tourism Day.

Along with the Twitter contest, the WTO is also holding a photo competition, with a seven-day trip to Egypt as the grand prize. Photos should show how tourism bring together people from different cultures and ways of life around the world and reflect how tourism can strengthen international ties, promote peace and enhance cultural diversity. Details are online here.

•    Photos can be in color or in black and white.
•    Up to 3 photos may be submitted by each individual participant.
•    Photos must be the individual work of the named participant and must not have been previously published.
•    Photos must be submitted electronically in high resolution jpeg, gif or png format (minimum 800 width x 600 height pixels/no more than 5MB)
•    All photos should be accompanied by a title and a short description, no more than 250 characters.

The competition is open to everyone and both contests have an Aug. 31 deadline.


One thought on “Tourism: ‘A force for a more tolerant, open and united world’

  1. Your most poignant and timely article to date! Meanwhile, global warming and extinctions playout at glacial pace…but tolerance can galvanize us today to ALL actions!

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