Letter: Breckenridge is big enough; say no to Peak 6

Quality of life being compromised

Participants in a recent site visit to Peak 6 stop for lunch near the location of the proposed top terminal of a new six-seat chairlift.

Dear Mr. Fitzwilliams and staff,

I write in opposition to the Peak 6 expansion. As a 20 year resident and business owner, I have watched Breckenridge evolve from a charming ski town to a  “ski city” stumbling to keep on its feet. The towns infrastructure can barely handle the existing traffic, and  I believe more thought should be put in to this proposal because of this. I live here for the superb quality of life, but this too is slowly becoming compromised.

As a business owner I can appreciate the town wanting to increase revenue, but at what cost? Bigger is not always better … but Vail’s marketing plan is a good one. They certainly have the most to  gain from this, as do their shareholders. More terrain to advertise is by far the best option for them.

The beetle kill has had a devastating effect on both the  landscape and wildlife here. More time needs to be spent understanding the long term repercussions of this. Coupled with the town’s unbridled growth and development, we can’t be sure of the impact if we rush in to action for those precious dollars.

Enough is enough. The ski area is huge and on this trajectory it will never end. When will we be able to say no?

Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to read this.

Cassidy Brush, LEED AP

phone 970.262.6684






3 thoughts on “Letter: Breckenridge is big enough; say no to Peak 6

  1. C.B., You make a very sound argument against the proposed addition here, but I think it will fall on deft ears with the powers to be. The whole process has become so convoluted as has everything else today, that there isn’t a clear picture of the objective save for someone making a bigger payout to themselves at the expense of the public good. Face it, in today’s atmosphere, the short sightedness has only one reason, that being $$$$ to be applied to the bottom line. I might add that the financing most likely will be through a commercial bank, for which the common citizenry will be left holding the bag if/when either the bank or the operator goes into default. There is another thing that should be on everyone’s mind at this point in time, with the change in climate, there may not be the expected snow fall to be feasible for the support of this venture. I know, the people who don’t believe in such, will probably say I’m nuts to say this, but, they will also be the first to say I told you so if/when it happens. Food for thought.

  2. I agree with you, I don’t think there’s any point to this expansion except for more profit for Vail Resorts. They are a corporation, and that’s what corporations do. Their only reason for existence is to make a profit. People object to government, but without government to rein in corporations, they just tend to run amok in the name of profit.

  3. Jenney, your spot on though I would take issue about the government reining in the corporations in this day & age. Having just finished the “KABUKI” performance the Federal lies gave us in the name of the plutocracy, it seems that even down to the local level, the corruption is taking hold, much like a cancer does in the human body. Corporations throw money around as a matter of doing business. After all, when they can buy/bribe,payoff a politician, whether it be the top or the local, they will do it to achieve what ever it is they want. It’s up to the population to keep a vigilant eye on the elected ones, lest they go over to the dark side, so to speak.

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