Colorado: Celebrate wildlife at Grand Mesa Moose Day

Moose biology and history featured at event, along with kids activities

Moose near the headwaters of the Fraser River, Grand County, Colorado. Bob Berwyn photo.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado wildlife enthusiasts will once again gather this weekend to celebrate the state’s growing moose population at the second annual Grand Mesa Moose Day.

“As their population continues to grow in Colorado, people’s interest has increased as well,” said Parks and Wildlife watchable wildlife coordinator Trina Romero. “Moose sightings can be a great experience and we encourage people to learn more about them and how to watch them safely.”

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife event features kid-friendly activities and giveaways throughout the day, and will include moose viewing tips, presentations about moose biology and history, information about how biologists transplant and track moose and a puppet show. Kids can earn a prize for going on a hike with a wildlife officer to look for signs and evidence of moose activity.

The July 30 moose mash-up begins at 10 a.m. at the Grand Mesa Forest Service visitor center atop the Grand Mesa, near Grand Junction. Take Highway 65 from I-70 by Plateau Creek or from Highway 50 near the town of Delta, and follow it up to the event. Moose are common in this area, and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a moose on your drive up to the event.

Wildlife managers introduced moose to the Grand Mesa in 2005 and the population has grown to at least 200 animals. Moose are also multiplying in other parts of Colorado. Animals from Grand County have moved south into the Gore Range and the rest of Summit County.

Grand Mesa Moose Day sponsors include the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, US Forest Service, The Moose 100.7, the Grand Mesa Scenic & Historic Byway and Cabela’s.


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