Morning photo: Critter cam

Bugs, birds, bison …

Stopping at a gas station a few miles south of New Orleans, I spotted this unusual translucent green dragonfly sitting on a Bungee cord holding down luggage on the car roof. I grabbed the small Fuji Finepix, turned on the flash and snapped a couple of quick frames.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Today was #FriFotos on Twitter, a social media chat that involves posting photos about a different topic each week, and this week the topic was animals. Turns out I have quite a few critter pics, including domestic dogs, dolphins, sea birds and, yes, even a few insects.

A petrel soars above the waters of the Drake Passage, between Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica.

A fur seal surveys the guano-covered beach on Paulet Island, Antarctica.
Friendly pup in Ushuaia, Argentina.
This strange-looking creature was resting on a car windshield in Keokuk, Iowa, looking about as exotic as anything you might find in the rainforest of Brazil.
Hey, this is MY berg, baby!
A convocation of mountain goats at Arapahoe Basin.
A cicada in Keokuk, Iowa.
Close enough to touch in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
A Florida friend.
A battle-scarred Weddell seal on Dundee Island, Antarctica.

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