Breckenridge Peak 6: ‘Still in the planning process’

Three alternatives described in Forest Service draft EIS

Breckenridge Peak 6 Alternative 3
A map of Alternative 3 for the proposed Peak 6 expansion. Click on the image to download high-resolution maps from the Forest Service Peak 6 website.

By Jenney Coberly

BRECKENRIDGE —The Peak 6 expansion proposal is not a done deal, Forest Service officials said this week as they briefed the Breckenridge Town Council on the latest steps in the review process.

“Contrary to what was printed in the Denver Post, no decision has been made yet … we’re still in the planning process. We’re looking forward to all of your comments,” said Roger Poirier, the U.S. Forest Service project leader for the Peak 6 proposal.

He was referring to the June 11 Denver Post article with the rather misleading title  “Breckenridge Ski Resort gets OK for Peak 6 expansion”.

Poirier went on to provide a brief description of each of the three alternatives in the draft Environmental Impact Statement, or DEIS. The document is available online for public review and comment at the Breckenridge Ski Resort Peak 6 Project Environmental Review Process website.

Alternative 2, the preferred alternative, has been outlined numerous times. Alternative 3 scales back the development footprint a bit more to address resource concerns.

Ultimately, the White River Forest supervisor could even choose a final plan that’s a blend of the alternatives presented in the draft study.

Poirer outlined some of the options the Forest Service is considering:

“Alternative 3 was developed in response to a number of issues … mostly a lot of environmental concerns — some soil concerns, watershed concerns, wildlife concerns, as well as scenic and visuals,” Poirier said.

“What we were trying to do was meet the purpose and need, but do it within the current operational boundary. We found 12 runs that we can create … we’re also doing some widening … and looking at developing some terrain just north of Peak 7 that’ll be gladed, to provide more intermediate terrain, and more hike-to terrain as well,” he said. There’s also going to be a new 4-person lift to access this terrain. As part of Alternative 3, we’re also looking at doing some lift upgrades. A chair and C chair are going to 4-person lifts, and Colorado Superchair will be upgraded to a 6-person.”

Listen to an audio transcript of his remarks to the Breckenridge Town Council by clicking on the audio player below:

Citizens are encouraged to attend one of the open houses being conducted by the Forest Service, where Fitzwilliams discuss the DEIS in more detail and be available for questions. Other Forest Service personnel will also be present for one-on-one discussions, and there will be plenty of maps for people to look at.

Breckenridge Open House — June 23 from 4-7 pm
Beaver Run Ballroom
Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center
620 Village Road, Breckenridge

Front Range Open House — July 7 from 4-7 pm
Forest Service Region 2 Office
740 Simms Street, Golden

Breckenridge Ski Resort Peak 6 Site Visit — July 14
To attend the site visit, please RSVP by July 7 to Shelly Grail Braudis at (970) 262-3484, or email her at

Visit the Peak 6 expansion page on the Summit Voice for more articles with the background and history of the expansion proposal.


5 thoughts on “Breckenridge Peak 6: ‘Still in the planning process’

  1. Yes, the expansion will no doubt go forward, but people can still have input into how it’s implemented. There are good ideas floating around out there about ways to make it better that might not get heard if people think it’s a “done deal” in the sense that no more modifications are possible.

  2. The Denver Post did make it seem as if it were a done deal with no chance to modify. Glad to see that more input will be considered.

  3. Is Vail Resorts going to have to pay the town of Breckenridge or Summit County any money in taxes or royalties?? They are not paying anything now, never have!!

  4. Fine tuning the plan happens after we all send in comments. After reading….skimming through 600 pages of this, I am amazed at how much there is to comment on. Check out the Save Peak 6 facebook page on how, when and what to comment.

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