Breckenridge Ski Area details Peak 6 expansion plan

Proposed Peak 6 expansion detailed on Twitter!/breckenridgemtn/status/76098130420051969

SUMMIT COUNTY — A proposed expansion of Breckenridge Ski Area would add about 550 total acres, including 339 acres above treeline and 68 acres of developed trails, 339 acres above-treeline and 68 acres of cleared trails.

The resort outlined its proposal at at June 2 open house, expecting that the U.S. Forest Service will release a draft environmental study in mid-June.

The resort publicized the open house from its @breckenridgemtn Twitter account. Here’s how it went down on Twitter in the world according to Vail Resorts. These are selected tweets; you can see the full tweet stream here.

You can find all previous Summit Voice stories about the Peak 6 expansion here:

In pre-emptively addressing community feedback that calls on Breckenridge to make other infill-type developments in the existing ski area footprint, resort chief Pat Cambell said she thinks Peak 6 is the “highest priority” … to enhance guest experiences.”

The resort is maintaining a Support Peak 6 Facebook page, and opponents of the expansion also have their own Facebook presence on a Save Peak 6 page.

If you’d like to respond to any of the specific tweets with your own, direct them to @bberwyn on Twitter and we’ll insert them in the appropriate spot, or send an email to You can also leave a comment at the Summit Voice Facebook page.!/breckenridgemtn/status/76032013009813505!/breckenridgemtn/status/76081455314370560!/breckenridgemtn/status/76067719627292672!/breckenridgemtn/status/76033517615722497!/breckenridgemtn/status/76085279215198208!/breckenridgemtn/status/76034131808632832!/breckenridgemtn/status/76034930232143872!/breckenridgemtn/status/76046313254436864!/breckenridgemtn/status/76047627598315520!/breckenridgemtn/status/76097716840701952!/breckenridgemtn/status/76049009361428480!/breckenridgemtn/status/76049377214472192!/breckenridgemtn/status/76051835504431104!/breckenridgemtn/status/76077601164247040!/breckenridgemtn/status/76091860212387841!/breckenridgemtn/status/76097716840701952


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