Morning photo: Water!


Meadow Creek, Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — The first few pictures in this series were taken by my son, Dylan, during a hike last autumn along Meadow Creek. He’s been on photojournalism assignments with me since before he could walk, when I toted him in a backpack, and his interest in photography emerged from that early exposure. Right now, he’s 13, and acts like he’s not interested in anything I do, but when he saw some pictures I took with cottony water, he wanted to know how I did that. Rather than explain it, I said, “I’ll show you,” so we headed out, set up the tripod and experimented with different apertures and shutter speeds.

Meadow Creek.
A trickle turns into a soft white stream in this half-second time exposure.
Meadow Creek waterfall.
Peru Creek ponds.
Verdant water.
Peru Creek, by Dylan Berwyn.
The flow.

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