Letter: Lowe’s impacts will be widespread

Reader offers a list of local businesses that could feel the effects of a new big-box retailer

A Google Earth map shows the general location of a proposed Lowe's in Silverthorne.

To Whom It May Concern:

So, when out driving the other day I noticed that they are in the beginnings of starting the Lowe’s project.  I was a little saddened when thinking about how this will affect the many local home improvement stores, including my own, located in or around Summit County.

I recall learning in my education when large corporations come into small communities how “Mom-and-Pop” businesses are threatened. This stresses the importance of supporting local independent businesses to residents and visitors. As the population of the county grows survival of local business has been a concern, and they have strained to compete with deep-pocketed corporate chains, and Lowe’s is just adding to that concern. 

A lot of businesses within the community have already closed and a lot more are just making it. When businesses have been barely making it, or breaking even, or even losing money, when adding a major competitor, those businesses are going to have a hard time staying around. We have seen it many times before, the impact on small communities due to a large corporation coming in.

How can so many small businesses compete?  In a newspaper article, a spokesperson from another large home-improvement corporation claimed the local market for home-improvement is “underserved.” I dispute that claim. I spent a day looking up all local and surrounding communities businesses that are home improvement stores (including: appliances, building supplies, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, gardening, hardware, home décor, lighting, paints, patio furniture etc…) that could possibly be affect by Lowe’s coming in.  I counted 148, and that does not include everybody. With just this list imagine how many friends, families, and community members this could affect. I know I do not want to move, or relocate, I am sure others feel same way. So with the Lowe’s coming in, we will see how many of this local stores will survive.

Aarons Irrigation and Landscape Services
A Beautiful View
Abe Stamper Landscape
A Discount Flooring Co
Advanced Building Solutions
Advantage Blinds Inc.
Affordable Flooring
All Flooring Design Inc
Alpine Appliance Center
Alpine Builders
Alpine Fencing & Supplies Inc.
Alpine Gardens
Alpine Motor Sports
Apropos Design
Artful Landscapes
Aspen Grove Kitchen & Bath Inc
Berthod Motors Inc
Between the Peaks Flooring
Bighorn Ace Hardware
Big John’s Building & Home Center
Black Bear Landscaping
Blue Line Window & Door Company
Blue River Flooring
Breckenridge Blinds & Draperies
Breckenridge Building Center
Breckenridge Building Materials
Brooks Furniture and Design
Bucksworth Supply
Castillos Tiling
Central RO
Central Rockies Supply Co
Chamberlains Closets and Cupboards
Christian Koehn Remodeling
Christy’s Sports
Classy Closet Etc
Colorado Building Company
Colorado Custom Wood Floors
Colorado Wholesale Windows Inc
Colorado Wholesale Windows & Glass
Colorscape of Colorado
Contract Appliance Center
Cornerstone Creations
Creative Cabinetry
Creative Impression by Marcia
Deep Roots Garden Supply
Design One Interiors
Diamond Vogel Paint Center
Distinguished Boards & Beam
ECO Irrigation and Landscaping
Encore Home and Appliance
Fitzgerald Flooring Inc
Flattops Fencing & Supply
For Wood Sake
Freelance Foundations Inc
Frisco Floors & More
Foothills Lighting at Inside Source
Futures Floor
German Titl/Turn Window Systems Inc
Glenwood Gardens
Gravina Martin Window Center Inc
Great Divide Fence
Great Western Landscaping Hesters Log & Lumber
Greanjeans Gardening
Green Scene Hydroseeding Inc High Altitude Home Improvement
Greers Appliance Center
Gregory Window & Door
Harmony Interiors
High Country Designs
High in the Sky Blinds
Home Sweet Home Landscaping Inc
Hood Landscaping
Hydro Shack
Ideal Fencing Corp
Interiors by Design
Jimbo’s Appliance
Johnies Gardening Inc
Kitchen Reface Inc
KJM Floor Store
K&J Poured Flooring LLC
Kozy Comfort
K-Tile and Services
Kwal Paint
Lady Bug Gardening
Legend Home Improvement Inc
Level One Building Inc
Lilli’s Lighting & Décor Inc
Lisa Galletti Designs
Mariposa Window & Door
More Space Place
Mountain Comfort Furnishings
Mountain Log Homes and Interiors
Mountain Mowers
Mountain Side Flooring
Mount Royal Rugs
Nature Stone
Lunceford Nursery
Lunceford Landscape Design
Neu Designs
Nordic Hardwood Flooring
Obie’s Interiors
Ohana Floor Designs LLC
Pederson Flooring Rover Inc
Pella Windows & Doors Inc
PH Designs
Phoenix Flooring
Profession Landscape and Design
Raindrops on Roses LLC
Rocky Mountain Landscape
Rocky Top Landscape
Rothey Landscaping
Sanders True Value Hardware
Sharpest Cut Landscaping
South Park Paint & Supply
South Park True Value
Splash Home
Stamper Landscaping
Strategic Fence & Wall Co.
Summit County Hydroponics and Organics
Summit Hardwood Flooring
Summit House Windows & Doors
Summit Interiors
Summit Kitchen & Bath Outlet Inc
Summit Landscaping
Summit Landscaping & Gardening Center
Summit Woodworks Inc.
Sunrise Lawn & Landscape
Ten Mile Hardwoods & Stone Resurfacing
Terra Cottage Blinds & Draperies
The Blind Man
The Fairplay Grower
The Groundskeeper
The Lawn Pros
The SL Smith Lumber Co
Tile on Fire
Tri River Ace Hardware
Trout Mountain Wood Floors
True Value Hardware
Vic’s Carpet Svc
Western Slope Fencing
Zen4You Landscaping and Maintenance
2 V’s Landscape and Irrigation

Another concern for the County should be environmental as well.  They will most likely have to change roads around the Lowe’s to accommodate additional traffic.  This can create some chaos with increased traffic through a small area.  I found out while researching this concern that it has been estimated of an increase of 3,000 cars per day, which could threaten air quality, property values, and interrupt emergency vehicle access.  Air pollution from this increase could collect on snowpack and be transferred into the river in the spring runoff.

I just wanted you and the communities to know how many people are going to be affected by Lowe’s, both as a concerned citizen and concerned employee of a local small business. I am just trying to think of a way to inform the community about this information.  Thanks for your time.


Kathryn Blauvelt


8 thoughts on “Letter: Lowe’s impacts will be widespread

  1. Please u r killing me. The last time I checked an interstate highway ran right through summit county. So we got this interstate highway and your complaning about traffic???? There are plenty of small towns all over colorado that will suit anyones need for that small town community atmosphere. Pick up and move there right now. Get out, leave. Summit county is a huge hub of commerce. If you were to draw a 60 radius around the county, those are the people who come here to work and shop. “large corporations” what the heck is vail resorts???? shouldn’t we sell off the ski areas to small mom and pop companies???

    The bottom line is your list of business will be cut in half. Mostly due to poor service, lack of stocked items, and poor price points. boo hoo. That’s called the free market honey. Did you learn that in school??? On the other hand many consumers are poorly educated. Lowes does not offer quality service and quality products in most cases and never will. So it’s up to the consumer to decide to shop at a large store full of cut rate prices with poor quality goods, and horrible customer service. Or does the consumer shop at a small store with slightly higher prices, top notch customer service, and a knowledable staff who fully understands the products they sell. That’s what this country is all about.

  2. 148 stores, all providing the same home improvement goods and services in the county… Ironic that that there could be that many, don’t ya think?

    1. I do believe it said summit county and surrounding areas.. I’m assuming that’s surrounding counties as well. And its not that they ALL are providing the SAME goods and services but all provided what Lowe’s does in some way or another

  3. While I am very excited about the new Lowe’s, I do understand Ms. Blauvelt concerns. In my opinion, yes, some business will go away, but the Lowe’s store should only serve as an incentive for local businesses to think outside the box and provide better customer service. I was a store manager for a $1.1 million retail operation in Dillon. I am always appalled at the poor customer service of some of the businesses listed above. We did a remodel on our house and shopped at Home Depot and Lowes but always shopped local businesses, too. Some local window businesses never returned our calls for quotes, even after complaining to the owners. There are high end second home owners who will never be served by Lowe’s. And look at it this way, people may get new project ideas walking through Lowe’s and then come to you for business. It’s coming, so let’s hope its a win-win for all!

  4. I in no way want Lowe’s to come in. I do look out for the small business unlike some of you! If you want big box stores, move to Denver!

  5. I live in Denver and have worked for major home improvement retailer( one that happens to be blue and red) and must say that big corproate box stores will putrify the pristine environment of this mountain area. The great thing about the colorado rockies is its unique mountain culture. Corporations stand for mundane spartan lifestyles that lack creativity or free thought. Those who support it just want easy access, a place where they can get all their goods at once; pure lazy!Corproate box stores do not care about the community they are in, just the market value they can accrue from the surrounding areas. If you support true capitalism support small business, do not shop lowes when it is built.

  6. I always believe in patronizing your own but if something new is going to come in and if it can be proven that it will benefit majority of the people then it will be enough reason to accept changes.

  7. Small businesses need to learn to adapt to the competition. The truth of the matter is that much of the money being spent on the items that Lowes will sell is already being spent at a Lowes or Home Depot today, just not in Silverthorne. This actually creates a worse environmental problem because people are driving 70 +miles roundtrip to Evergreen or Avon. The new Lowes location will also mitigate traffic on I-70 as people drive less over the congested portions like that near Idaho Springs.

    Let’s keep the money people are already spending in our Summit County local community.

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