Morning photo: Spring avalanches

Gravity plus sunshine = spring snow slides

A cornice collapse triggered a massive slide in the vicinity of Peak 5, near Breckenridge, Colorado. PHOTO BY MATT KRANE.

SUMMIT COUNTY — As forecast by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, the sudden warmup has led to some significant avalanche activity in the Colorado backcountry. One of the slides that ran big was Big Mike, a well-known path near Officer’s Gulch, alongside I-70. Big Mike was a hindrance back in the railroad days, when the locomotives ran along what is now the recpath. Click here for more avalanche info.

Tenmile Range near Breckenridge. PHOTO BY MATT KRANE.
Big cornices tend to collapse under their own weight as temperatures climb. PHOTO BY MATT KRANE.
Big Mike ran all the way to the edge of the river.
Looking up the Big Mike slide path near I-70, between Frisco and Copper.
Aspen trees flattened and pinned to the side of the Big Mike slide path.
Avalanche debris piled 20-feet high alongside I-70 in Summit County, Colorado.
Ten to 15 feet of debris piled up on the recpath between Copper and Frisco.
Trees engulfed, but apparently unharmed, in the Big Mike slidepath.
More avalanches of this magnitude could run in the next few weeks.
Big Mike slidepath.
Riverside slide.

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Morning photo: Spring avalanches

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