Morning photo: Silverthorne wildlife

Moose, ospreys … oh my!

One of Silverthorne’s resident osprey flies to its nest with a big fish.

All photos by Bill Linfield

SUMMIT COUNTY — Humans aren’t the only anglers who take advantage of the Gold Medal trout fishery in the Blue River below Dillon Reservoir. For years, osprey have nested along the river, and local photographer and Silverthorne resident Bill Linfield has captured some great images, shooting with a Canon  t1i with a 70 – 200 zoom. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Bill’s work here at Summit Voice. You can also see the best of Summit Voice photography at our Flickr page. More Summit Voice photography is for sale at an Imagekind online gallery.

Osprey nest, Silverthorne, Colorado.
American dipper.

Other signs of the Blue River’s health through that reach include several dippers, including a pair that nests under a highway bridge. Dippers rely on aquatic insects for food, so seeing them is good sign that a river is healthy. At first glance, a dipper isn’t much to look at; but despite its plain appearance, just wait until it steps off a rock and starts walking along the bottom of the stream, using it wings to propel itself along against even rather strong currents. Walk down along the Blue River near the North Branch library and you might lucky enough to spot one bobbing up and down on a riverside perch.

The bottom-lands and side canyons of the Blue River Valley also encompass many acres of healthy wetlands, perfect habitat for moose, a species that has been expanding its range in Summit County and across northern Colorado. Some of the best wetlands run right through Silverthorne neighborhoods, showing how, with careful planning, man and nature can co-exist.

Moose in Silverthorne, Colorado.
Moose are increasingly finding homes in Summit County’s wetlands and willow thickets.
A wary look …
Elk silhouetted against the sky in Silverthorne, Colorado.

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