Morning photo: Antarctica – the lost (and found) files

A world apart

Sunrise over the Antarctic Peninsula.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I was reorganizing the Summit Voice photo archives last night and discovered a folder within a folder containing a few more images from Antarctica that I had set aside a few months ago for a future photoblog, then promptly forgot about. I keep most of my image files in a basic pre-installed version of iPhoto, which probably isn’t the best way, but it is quick, easy and intuitive, as many Mac programs are. But it’s time to upgrade. Any input?

A solitary chinstrap penguin on an ice floe in the Weddell Sea.

Leopard seal, Weddell Sea, Antarctica.
Landing at Brown Bluff, on the Antarctic Mainland. Brown Bluff is an unusual tuya formation, or a volcano that erupted beneath and ice sheet.
The waters around Brown Bluff are filled with a surreal jumble of bergs.
The bergs are jagged in some places and worn smooth by the sun, waves and wind on other aspects.
Bits of icebergs in the Antarctic Sound around Paulet Island.
Each berg seems a miniature world of ice unto itself, going through daily and seasonal changes.
This particular spot cried out for a sea kayak.

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