Morning photo: Celebrating snow

Gotta go with it!

One of the first dustings of winter came in October, portending a snowy winter.

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s been a dream ski season in Summit County, and while some of us are ready to break out the flip-flops and bikes, I decided to celebrate winter one last time with some of the best archived snow shots at Summit Voice.

A classic mid-winter view of the Continental Divide, with sunset colors that only come in the heart of the season.

Watching these crystals along the shore of Dillon Reservoir grow in front of my eyes (while my fingers turned to icicles is one of my favorite winter memories.
For about a month, starting in late January, it was perfect icicle weather.
Sometimes snow just looks like homogenous map and it's easy to forget all that white stuff is made up of countless little miracles.
For a while, I was fascinated by photographing the icicles outside the kitchen window in different light. This is a night shot, taken with a flash.
These low-to-the-ground sundogs only appear when ice crystals float in the air in a certain configuration.
Early snow at Loveland Pass, Colorado.


2 thoughts on “Morning photo: Celebrating snow

  1. Bob, The pictures are great but my favorite is the one of the ice crystals that formed while you watched. I can totally relate to the frozen fingers because I photograph birds even on the coldest days, by the time I am done I can’t feel my toes or fingers!

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