Morning photo: Green!

Spring is here …

The Officer's Gulch Pond is a study in deep green water and forest hues in this image from the summer of 2010.

SUMMIT COUNTY — With St. Patrick’s Day just last week, and today being the official first full day of spring, I was yearning for some green, so I browsed the Summit Voice photo archives for most verdant pictures I could find. And since we tilt toward a green world view anyway, it all seemed to fit together.

A still-green lodgepole bough drips after a summer thunderstorm near Heaton Bay.
A bright green poppy bud, just a few days away from bursting forth with brilliant red.
An heirloon green chile pepper from New Mexico growing in the Frisco community garden.
The forests and wetlands around Clinton Gulch reservoir show myriad shades of green in this mid-summer scene.
My favorite green aspen grove along Straight Creek Road.
Green on green juniper berries near the Lily Pad Lake trailhead.

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