Breckenridge: Fantastic colors and forms in snow

The snow sculptures are fantastic in the daytime, but they reach otherworldly heights at night, contrasting against the dark sky.

The multicolored lights of the eco-friendly LED lighting system are constantly shifting, lending a mesmerizing quality to the sculptures. In spite of the warm weather and melting over the weekend, the sculptures remained a visual feast Sunday night that was not to be missed.

The Eyes of Medusa, by Team USA / Wisconsin (Milwaukee)

Here is a slideshow of the sculptures in various hues, including some closeups that allow one to appreciate the incredible detail work done by the artists.  Most of the images were taken on Sunday night, but a few, especially the Eternal Bridge, which collapsed, are from Friday night.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the final installment in our 2011 Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championship coverage, here is a one-minute video of the lighting of the Sculptures, which took place late Sunday night after the awards ceremony and banquet.


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