Morning photo: Some winter scenes

It’s the season of snow and ice

An impressive wave cloud formed over the Continental Divide last Sunday, captured in color on a black and white sort of afternoon.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Winter is full of drama. Like a moody diva, the season can swing quickly from one extreme to another, blowing wintry cold and gray one day, then changing to improbably blue skies and warm sunshine the next. I tried to capture some of those moods in this short photoblog.

With a wave cloud in the east, I headed for the shore of Dillon Reservoir thinking it would be a brilliant sunset, but on this evening, the skies stayed grayish-blue. You just never know ...
Th storm lifts over Tenderfoot Mountain.
Flakiness on the rear window of a car after an overnight snowfall delivered a layer of perfectly formed crystals.
Watching icicles form ...
Wait for it ....
... Drip!
Evening skies over Frisco, Colorado.

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