Breckenridge: Artists finalizing their snow sculptures

Sculpting continued on Thursday and Friday as artists work towards the 10 a.m. Jan. 29 deadline for judging at the Breckenridge snow sculpture contest

By Jenney Coberly

I stopped by to check the progress of the snow sculpting on Thursday and Friday afternoons. It’s wonderful to watch the sculptures emerging from the snow blocks on a daily basis. The artists will be working through Friday night, and it will be an amazing atmosphere at the Riverwalk center under the lights.

Here is a short video showing the progress in a few of the sculptures from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon.

Friday was the warmest, sunniest day in Breckenridge in quite some time, with temperatures soaring into the upper 30’s, so there were tarps strung up everywhere as artists sought to protect the delicate sculptures from the strong sunlight. A steady stream of spectators wandered by admiring the works in progress. The People’s Choice boxes were available and filling with dollar bills as people voted for their favorites.


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