Morning photo: The essence of winter

A backyard snow stroll

A few flakes rest delicately among the needles of a lodgepole pine in Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — When snow falls in the quantity that it did the past few weeks, I tend to think of it as a homogeneous mass that just covers everything up. But the last wave of snow came in quietly and softly Tuesday night, leaving about an inch of accumulation made up entirely of perfectly formed crystals — the essence of winter. I wanted to try and capture a bit of that, so I wandered out into the backyard early Wednesday morning, letting the dogs romp while I tried to find a few isolated flakes. Since the white snow contrasts well with the dark green of the evergreens, I mostly focused on some of the flakes that rested precariously on the lodgepoles. All the shots were taken with a compact Fuji Finepix on a macro setting. All are handheld, some were taken with a flash, others in natural light. If anyone has a Nikon macro lens they want to donate to the cause, my contact info is in the blog.

The key was getting out early, before the sun and wind went to work.
Inter-locking dendritic crystals hold each other in place on a Frisco spruce branch.
Depth of field is an issue with the Fuji on a macro setting, thus the longing for a good macro lens for my DSLR.
Snow in a lodgepole in Frisco, Colorado.
A tougher shot, with very little for the lens to focus on.



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