Morning photo: Moondance, part 2

A fantabulous night …

November full moon over Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY β€” A few more moon shots from 2010, all captured in the skies above Summit County, Colorado. As I browsed back through the archives to pick these images, the thing that stood out was how different every moonrise can be, and how the light can change dramatically in just a few minutes as the sun goes down and moon comes up.

I had to include one highly post-processed image, where the moon appears almost as a tropical sun above the snow-covered peaks of the Continental Divide.
A moonset instead of a moonrise, taken from the Summit Voice weather deck in Frisco on a clear and cold morning.
A waxing moon hangs like an ornament on a beetle-killed pine near Heaton Bay.
Full moon over the Vail Valley.
Another highly processed image highlights the contrast between changing aspen leaves, a clear blue sky and the pale moon.
It took a while for this moon to pop up over the clouds, but it was worth the wait.

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