Morning photo: Moon dance

Lunar moments in Summit County, Colorado

A color-enhanced full moon gleams behind a willow thicket in Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — There’s something about a full moon that almost irresistible to a photographer, or at least to me, so my archives have quite a few moon shots. Check out  some of my favorites from the past year …

Moonrise over Tenderfoot Mountain and the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado, Dillon Reservoir in the foreground. I took this image with a compact Fuji Finepix before I had mastered all the various settings, so I smoothed out the image with some post-processing. It definitely lost some quality, especially in the foreground.
During a murky sunset I played around to frame the moon in some dry autumn grasses in the Meadow Creek wetlands near Frisco, Colorado.
From the deck at Summit Voice headquarters in Frisco, Colorado.
It's not always full!

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