Morning photo: The berry blog

A fine crop …

Technically not a berry, but the fruit of wild roses.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Food for people, birds and bears, the wild berries of the high form an important part of the local flora. Some berries are so critical for bears that, when the weather isn’t quite right and the berries fail, the bears head into town to supplement their diet with whatever they can find in human neighborhoods. Wildlife biologists have been able to connect berry crop failures with increased incidents of human-bear encounters. Enjoy the photos of local berries in today’s photoblog.

There are some of the earliest berries to form, making them important to birds.
In a good year, wild raspberries can start to ripen in late July and linger into September, depending on elevation.
A wild mountain strawberry, so tiny, yet so much more flavorful than any found in the store.
Just another raspberry ...





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